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Isabella (Because I Wasn't Worth It)
De Nederlandse Isabella stond op het punt om als model door te breken in Amerika. Een uitnodiging van Oprah Winfrey had ze al op zak. Om er extra mooi uit te zien wilde ze nog even haar haar laten ontkroezen. Maar het product dat haar nog mooier moest maken ruïneerde haar leven. Een chemische verbranding verminkte haar hoofd op een gruwelijke manier. Een ongelofelijk, maar waargebeurd en inspirerend verhaal over de strijd van een eenling tegen een multinational. Waarbij niemand wordt gespaard.
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Engelse BeschrijvingAll Isabella ever wanted was to have her hair straightened, but this would take her to the brink of collapse. The very product that was intended to make her more ‘beautiful’, stripped it all away, leaving her ugly and deformed. Exhausted. Abused. Humiliated. It’s every man and woman’s right to seek out justice after such a tragedy, but that is where harsh reality reveals itself. In this day and age, when faced with a much more powerful adversary, you barely stand a chance as an ‘ordinary’ individual. Her resilience empowered her to take up arms against the multinational corporation that ruined her life. No small feat, for their power greatly overshadowed her puny resistance. She bounced from one lawyer to the other, each severely lacking in trust and integrity. Even her medical practitioner proved to be untrustworthy. Time and again money and power proved to be the tools of corruption. No emotion is withheld in this book. Jealousy, anger, depression, and suicidal tendencies, but through it all she found a new way of acceptance and the beauty that resides on the inside. This allowed her to shine as a beautiful woman once again. Now, however, the focus would be on herself. In this book, she reveals the story of her life and will expose those that wronged her so. She does this not for revenge, but to warn the readers of the snake pits that await you when you try to battle a multinational corporation. Not to deter them from taking up arms, but to INSPIRE!
Colofon ISBN 978 90 8954 013 3 1e druk 2012 ©2012 Guido Bindels Prijs € 15,50
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